Who am I….

Hi, my name is Cristina but many call me Crissy. I am a mommy to four wonderful children (one being my French Bulldog Asia) am also a daughter, a sister, a friend and a dedicated healthcare worker. I love the outdoors, reading books and of course my favorite working out and being healthy. For many years I struggled with not knowing my condition (Bipolar 2 Disorder) also called Hypomania. When I finally was diagnosed I suffered in silence believing that I am different and can never be normal. I was wrong on both and here I am telling my journey, sharing my stories and proving the “Stigma” around mental health to be wrong.

I know you probably have many questions. Like how do you do it with work and children, plus a dog? How much medication do you take? How does it effect your personal life and relationships? How did you know that you where suffering from a mental illness? How do you control it or better yet can it be controlled?. Yes, I would love to answer them all but why just give answers when I can take you on the journey with me.

“A healthy, peaceful, positive lifestyle is not only for people with mental illnesses its for everyone who wants it. “

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