Some falls are not that easy to get up from. Especially if you are still standing but your mind and emotions dropped . It’s been a war between my motivation and my depression that left me mentally exhausted. Every move, decision, thought or day has been a fight with no end.

My key ingredient to making it through is finding a purpose, a light, a reason. When I feel like my high is starting to become a low I give me self one positive thing to focus on to keep moving forward. Many times it’s my children but some people may say there job, family, pets or etc. whatever gets the job done. I also like to read on about my illness knowledge is the key to open doors when there locked.

The world is so big but you feel like your in it alone when a episode comes your way. But you are not alone and many oh so many people are suffering from a mental illness and more than half do not even know or feel ashamed. Learning ways to deal with Bipolar for yourself or a close loved one well help stop stigma surrounding the illness.

I am not “crazy”, “insane”, “lazy”, “cracked-up” or “lost it” I am simply Cristina and I have a disorder call “Bipolar”.

Goodnight 💫

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