Bipolar, Sleep, Mania & COVID

The roller coaster of emotions on the daily basis is one thing. Sprinkle some pandemic on top and you’re in for a ride. Mind starts moving in high speed fulling up with thoughts. Trying to find the breaks to stop it is like a needle in a haystack.

From a personal experience it’s a whole new job in itself. I am currently on day 21 of my Covid quarantine( due to testing) and I can only say preparing a plan just in case there’s a shutdown will not be a bad idea. It was okay at first the days passed health wise I started getting better but mentally it I was going down. Before I knew it anxiety, then the sleepless nights, the endless cleaning, the couch potato mode.

Believe me I can keep going but thankfully I have a wonderful friend(s) who called everyday to motivate me. Sadly many of us suffering from Bipolar Disorder probably don’t have many friends due to the mood changes, the antisocial behavior and the depressed state we are constantly in.

My tips on taking control of that roller coaster:

Write out your next day. (Planner is my best friend)

Stock up on healthy foods and try to avoid the caffeine and sugars. (Big triggers)

Make sure you have enough medication always on hand. Trying to self treat a disorder will lead to more serious issues.

Last, stay social even when you don’t want to pick up a call or text back. A couple of minutes of company can help bring up your mood. But if the person will only make it worst my advise do not make the situation worst.

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